Tips for A Luxurious Home

Tips for A Luxurious Home

Don’t have a multi-million dollar home?  Guess what…you can still give your house that “luxury” home feel and appearance!  Here are a few steps you can take to make it happen.

Banish clutter

The first step to making your home look more luxurious won’t cost you a dime. It’s even possible, to make a little money off the challenge. By de-cluttering your home, you’re drawing attention to your favorite pieces and allowing space for your eyes to rest. You can re-organize your decorations to fit a theme in each room, which will also add a layer of luxury.  Even having de-cluttered bathrooms and closets reveals the spaciousness of the home to potential buyers.  For example, this beautiful and pristine master bathroom was photographed in our luxury listing at 1514 Bluebonnet in Kingsland, Texas.

Add crown molding

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed the sophisticated look that crown molding gives a room? There’s just something about it that gives a bit of a “wow” factor…the finishing touch that adds architectural interest to any room. It signals elegance and sophistication, yet can be installed very inexpensively. Even the simplest style of crown molding will elevate any room and make it look more upscale.

Install ceiling medallions

Another cost effective idea to get that sophisticated look is consider ceiling medallions. Ceiling medallions add a touch of class to a room. Once common in Victorian homes, the medallions were used to draw attention to special light fixtures. Price points vary, but you can usually find a beautiful medallion that is easy to install for $20 or less.

Decorate with plants and flowers

A simple way to add some life to any room is with plants and fresh flowers. In fact, a splash of green or a pop of color will elevate a room. Some other ideas might  include a bowl of fruit, a vase of twigs or even a bowl of acorns. For a few dollars, a bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers pack a powerful punch and make everything look more expensive. If you choose flowers, one of the best ways to pull off the look is to either have a very full vase, or a single, elegant stem. One particular “don’t” with flowers is to avoid sparse bouquets that don’t quite fill the vase you’re using. This listing at 101 Big Oak Lane in Kingsland, Texas is an example!


Update lighting

Nothing kills a good vibe faster than terrible lighting. If you’re relying on overhead lights, it’s time to switch it up a little. Floor and table lamps arranged around the room create a nice, flattering ambience. For overhead lights, choose fixtures that add a decorative touch and install dimmers on light switches so the light doesn’t overpower the room.

Choose large-scale art

Luxurious rooms have a focal point, and this can easily be achieved by having a piece of large-scale art.
Whether it’s a large canvas or a sculptural piece, a sizable piece of art will create a wow factor in your room that simply can’t be duplicated with several smaller pieces.

Coordinate finishes

A Polished Look

Coordinate all the finishes in a room to really create a pulled-together look. For just a little bit of money, you can make any room much more luxurious especially in kitchens and bathrooms.  Replace faucets, hardware and other accessories with coordinating finishes that will make your room look both polished and luxurious as you can see in this beautiful kitchen.


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Tips for A Luxurious Home

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