3 Reasons to Deer Hunt in Texas

3 Reasons to Deer Hunt in Texas

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking “am I on the right site, isn’t this is a real estate website?”  Believe it or not, home or land ownership isn’t just about the house you live in or the property lines you own, it’s about the kind of life style you enjoy.  You’ll understand what I mean by the end of this post!  For now, let’s get to 3 good reasons to deer hunt in Texas:

  1. kurt Habitat-According to Mr. Alan Cain with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the Texas Hill Country encourages hunters in 2016 to “continue to fill their tags and reduce deer populations, especially in drier areas of the state including the Hill Country where deer numbers are likely beyond what the habitat should be supporting.”  In areas where deer populations are not managed, these animals sadly die as a result of starvation and disease.
  2. It’s Good for You-Venison you hunt and process is free of steroids and preservatives you might find at the store!  Also, getting out into the great outdoors has a positive effect on both your body and your mind, taking you away from the stresses of everyday life.
  3. It’s Good for the Economy-Who’d of thought that hunting contributes to the overall US economy? The Association of Fish & Wildlife says that “over 87 million Americans hunt, fish and enjoy other wildlife-related recreation annually, contributing over $120 billion to the US economy and supporting nearly 3 million jobs”.

So here’s where hunting and home ownership come together…if you love the hunting and outdoor lifestyle, why not find the kind of home or second home that suits what you enjoy?  The Texas Hill Country offers a number of homes with acreage where hunting and fishing can be an extension of where you live.

Home + Life Style = Happy Living

Take this 43 acre property we have listed at 400 Thomas Ridge Road in Burnet, Texas….a unique blend of luxury living and the beautiful outdoors!43 Acres

Robust does and bucks can be found around the Garst Ranch year ’round, along with plenty of other Texas wildlife.  When hunting season rolls around, you won’t have far to go.


Click on the link above to view a video and pictures of the Garst Ranch, or schedule an appointment to see this beautiful property if this is the type of living your enjoy!  Our team at Pinnacle 1 Realty is ready and happy to help you find the perfect place to combine home & life style!


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3 Reasons to Deer Hunt in Texas

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